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Consulting to Fill Retreats and Yoga Mats

Yoga Business Academy shows yoga business owners like you how to increase profits using proven yoga marketing designed specifically for yoga! YBA is home to independent yoga teachers, start-up yogapreneurs, studio owners, retreats and training business professionals. Offering proven, ethical strategies to building and growing yoga business through specialist consulting and mentor programs. YBA also offers unique industry insights, live insight days, free articles and tools designed to help yoga professionals create a thriving, healthy, profitable yoga business.

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

Yoga Consulting
  • You have no marketing budget.
  • Unsure how to grow customers and sell out retreats.
  • Love teaching, hate marketing.
Yoga Mentor Packages
  • No more empty yoga mats
  • No more cancelled retreats
  • No more quiet studios
  • New students
  • Filled retreats
Yoga Blog How Tos
  • The New Yogapreneur
  • How to prove yourself that selling yoga classes is cool
  • How to get your studio bragged about
  • Teacher trainings are HOT, why too many Yogapreneurs get it wrong.

YBA Consulting

Yoga Business Academy was established in 2009 to offer independent training and consulting for yoga teachers and holistic professionals.

Our range of offers include practical How To business of yoga articles, exclusive newsletters, live training, consulting and mentoring.

As an independent consulting and training facility we specialize
in packing yoga mats in the studios, yoga retreats and trainings which is booming in the yoga industry.

New YogaPreneur

Whether you are opening your own yoga studio, starting a retreat business, or growing existing classes, having the right advice is key.

Download FREEguide to opening yoga studio and marketing yoga reatreats checklists.

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Live Business of Yoga Events

YBA Live Training Events

YBA Live Training Events

Want to spend a day brainstorming ideas, listening to industry experts, and gaining in-depth knowledge how to build and grow your business? Register your interest below, and we will notify when our events become available for the enrollment.

YBA Drop-in for YogaPreneurs

YBA Drop-in for YogaPreneurs

Yoga Business Academy offers free drop-ins to YogaPreneurs every Wednesday. Open to everyone involved in the yoga industry and in the world of small businesses that engages the yoga community. all relevant to yogapreneurship.

Case Study

Brand New Yoga Business Transforms The Lives of Ordinary Hus-band and Wife, Liz and Aaron

This is a true story of a real Yoga Business of a married couple that wanted to follow their passion and make a business while doing it.

“We are so busy – I was going to say you would not believe, except that you would!”

Here’s what happened.

Liz contacted Y.B.A. to ask for advice on a possible new Yoga business project. Liz is a full-time, very busy housewife, mother and wife with a home to look after. Aaron was a full-time 8-6 worker with Yoga as a hobby and a qualified teacher.